Intelligent Teaching Model Design and Application Research from the perspective of Internet Plus Education


  • Hongyuan Xie, Quan Liu


Smart classroom and smart learning are the new hot issues in current education informatization research, which reflect the objective trend of school education informatization development from concept to practice, from macro to concrete, and from implementation to classroom teaching. With the advent of the era of "Internet +", the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, mobile Internet is a new generation of the rapid development of information technology and its widely application in school education teaching, deepening integration of information technology and subject teaching, classroom teaching of data acquisition and processing, the evaluation of the learning process and feedback, the individuality of the interactive classroom teaching and after-school tutoring are important changes have taken place, such as traditional classroom teaching environment to develop in the direction of Informa ionization, intellectualized, "smart classrooms" arises at the historic moment, for change and innovation of classroom teaching provides a new train of thought and conditions. According to the relevant investigation report, the information-based teaching ability of primary and secondary school teachers in China still needs to be improved, and its development direction is influenced by the government, schools, teachers, students and other aspects, and gives relevant Suggestions for the reference of relevant departments.