Crimeengineering:An Analysiswith Referencetocrimes And Cyber Crimes Against Women Inperson


  • Azim B. Pathan, Usama Mubarak , Dr. Shweta Thakur


It is significant to revisit the criminal justice administration in the backdrop of emergence of new principles and values. It is also significant to re-examine the definition of crimes and crime prone activities. Law grows with the growth of other disciplines. Crimes and cyber crimes are rising against the women in person. Criminal Justice administration only bases its premise on the preventive approach. Precautionary approach in the criminal justice administration is minimal. Analogy of environmental engineering with the foundational principle of precautionary approach can also be engineered in the criminal justice administration. Researchers have attempted in this paper to focus how at the threshold crime prone activities can be engineered with precautionary model? How in the society at the threshold there are social deviations and how it takes form in the grave and heinous crimes?