Deep Learning Based Hybrid Clustering Technique Using Brain Tumor Segmentation

  • V. Vinay Kumar , S.Sai Krishna


Image segmentation refers to the way toward apportioning a image into totally unrelated districts. It tends to be considered as the most fundamental and essential cycle for encouraging the delineation, characterization, and visualization of area of importance in any medical image. Regardless of escalated research, segmentation stays a difficult issue because of the assorted image content, cluttered objects, occlusion, non-uniform object surface, and different variables. There are numerous calculations and methods accessible for image segmentation yet at the same time their necessities to build up a proficient, quick strategy of clinical image segmentation.

This paper presents an effective image segmentation approach utilizing K-means grouping procedure incorporated with morphological operations. It is trailed by thresholding and level set segmentation stages to give an accurate brain tumor detection. The proposed procedure can get advantages of the K-means clustering for image segmentation in the parts of insignificant calculation time. What's more, it can get points of interest of morphological operations are the parts of exactness. The experimental results clarify the effectiveness of our projected approach to apply with a high level of segmentation problems by means of improving the division quality and exactness in minimal execution time.