The Role of Environmental Management in Finding Alternatives that Use Smart and ModernTechnologies to Treat Harmful Plastics Threatening Life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • khaled abdulwahab zaid alyamani, Theyazn H. H. Aldhyani , Shehab AlMaaytah


Around 15 million tons per year is the volume of waste in the Kingdom. Plastic represents
17% of it, at a rate of 41 thousand tons per day, where the per capita rate is 1.2 kilograms per day,
and the numbers are constantly increasing. The highest consumption rate in the world for plastic bags
is in the Kingdom. Today, in light of the Corona pandemic, medical waste appears in huge numbers.
The current study presents an overview of some countries that succeeded in making use of plastic
waste by converting it into energy or into products that benefit society in creating a healthy
environment in addition to transforming it into an investment opportunity to achieve an increase in
national income while providing new job opportunities and opening new areas in local markets. The
study concluded by identifying experiences of some countries that sought to find alternatives to
harmful plastic waste, but most projects are still in the middle of their progress. Another important
conclusion was drawn, that is the authorities in the K