Development of Buru Local Language Conversation Material Based on the Communicative-Interactive Approach for Elementary School Students

  • Saidna Zulfiqar Bin-Tahir , Aminah Suriaman , Hanapi Hanapi , Risman Iye , M Chairul Basrun Umanailo


The Buru Local Language is one of the endangered languages to be extinct in Maluku. Thus, this
research aimed at producing a Buru language textbook for students of elementary schools in
Namlea to help their learning become more comfortable and more enjoyable based on
communicative-interactive approaches and expressing their feasibility. This research applied
research and development (R&D) using the Dick and Carey model. The product has been
evaluated through expert validation, linguists, and instructional design experts. Data were
analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The results of this study indicated that the Buru local
language textbook for elementary school students in Namlea had been developed in accordance
with procedures and the determination of themes based on needs analysis so that it becomes a
real and meaningful theme for students' lives and activities, including introduction, and
conversation around the school. The test results of the conversation material component show
that: content experts scored the product development as very good and feasible, while
instructional design experts considered that most of the parts of instructional materials were very
reasonable. Besides, individual test subjects assumed that most elements of the learning material
are excellent. Language teachers considered most of the textbook components to be very
feasible, and field testing subjects also rated them as very well.