Assistive Technology for People with Special Needs and its Role in Enriching Arabic Grammar and Quranic Studies - Abd Allah ibn Al-Husayn Ukbari as a Model

  • Mohamed Aziz Abdelmaksoud Sayed, Rusdee Taher, Muhammadmansour Madroh, Ousmane Manzo, Sorhibulbahree Binmong, Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary


Assistive technology has an important role in helping people with disabilities, so
what this technology can offer goes beyond simple help limits, is that it opens up broad
prospects for a new lifestyle. Those with special needs have high concerns, strong wills, solid
intentions and creative minds, which Allah Almighty blessed them to encourage and satisfy
their hearts. In the context of preface of the book “Nakt al-Humyān fī Nukat al-Umyān,
(biographies of notable blind people, with a section on the causes of blindness)”. Its writer
Khalīl ibn Aybak al-Ṣ afadī (1296 – 1363) pointed out a saying, which has high value, deep
impact, and significance tribute to people with special needs, where he said: “it’s rare to see a
blind man being a dull, inefficient, inactive but blind person only can be found as an
intelligent, smart and genius." This research’s title is "Assistive Technology for People with
Special Needs and its Role in enriching Arabic Grammar and Qur'anic Studies (Abd Allāh
ibn al-Ḥusayn ʻ Ukbarī as a model)". We will address issues of people with special needs
specially Abd Allāh ibn al-Ḥusayn ʻ Ukbarī as a model as he was blinded in his youth as he
was hit by chickenpox.