Optimization of machining parameter of Inconel 718 in turning operation for Green Productivity-A Review.

  • Prasad P. Kulkarni PhD Scholar, SRK University, Dr. S. S. Pawar, Dr. A. S. Dube, Dr. L. K. Toke, Ankit Kumar


The world is going to face severe threat from the global warming and climate change .Undoubtedly industry has a large contribution in these problems. So there is a need to enhance the environmental performance of the industry. We can say that today’s era is an era of environmental concerns so the manufacturing industry has no choice to follow the environmental norms. This ultimately results in encouraging the green machining and green productivity. Green productivity means increasing the productivity using green technology.  There are several factors which contribute a lot in green machining. The power factors (PF), energy consumption (EC), energy efficiency (EE) are some of the important factors which contribute a lot in green technology. The review focuses on that green technology may be used to decrease the energy consumption of machines. The lean manufacturing is also a part of green technology. In this review we have tried to study machining of different material including Inconel in regards with green technology and green productivity. It is observed that the important factors which severely affect the performance of a cutting tool are a) Material removal rate b) Hardness c) Wear resistance.