The Causal Relationship Model of Factors Relating to the Organization Sustainability of Northeastern Rajabhat University

  • Duangnapa Suwannatada, Chatrudee Jongsureyapart, Pornpimol Chaisanit


The organizational sustainability becomes the operational goal of the organization,
including Thai higher education institutions. Especially the 38 Rajabhat Universities that have the
goal of becoming a sustainable organization in 2036 which is the long-term goal of the organization.
With research studies not only studying educational organizations, but also studying the management
practices for the sustainability of private organizations to get the most comprehensive organizational
management perspective. The purpose of this research was to study factors related to being an
organizational sustainability of the Northeastern Rajabhat University and to study the relationship
model of those factors. This research is quantitative research, use questionnaire as a tool for data
collection, The research consisting of 3 latent variables and 10 observable variables. A questionnaire
consist 50 questions. The respondents were personnel from all 11 institutions of the Northeastern
Rajabhat University. The results showed that the factors that have a relationship with an
organizational sustainability include organizational practice (OP) and organizational leadership (OL)