Crisis and Opportunity for Good Change

  • Phramaha Boonsook Suddhiyano, Phrakhru Sophonphutthisat , Phra Narong Dhanavuddho, Nattharat Satit-aryavanich


t-The purposes of this academic article were to realize the problems, to format the learning
process for long lives, and to propose the best practice of Buddha from Buddhist scriptures. An
obstruction or problem is actually the basis for overcoming the limited points of human beings. In
Buddhism’s principle, Buddha had presented the noble truth with four items. In the fact, it is the best
practice for learning conceptual framework and system. Therefore, it has an impact for every solution,
including the physical and mental problems. All of dangers and suffering always attract persons to learn
and find the survival ways, so we search the best ways and cut the roots of problems off. This process is
the learning management for all persons and all times and it becomes true forever. When we knew some
problems, their roots or causes, we hope or set the goal we will stably solute it. Then Buddha gave the
best path or practice for living with mindfulness. It is really called Trisikkha which is the blue printed in
life for everyone across the world. With the wide and deep overview, the problems can happen because
the law of nature that Buddha called “Dhammaniyama” and it comprises with the impermanent
(Anicca), suffering (Dukkha) and non-self (Anatta). In this fact, the law of nature usually works or runs,
the things or phenomena are driven into the change. Inclusively, the problems appears by conditions of
natural law because human beings relate to and bound it with the blinded mind. This original starting
point takes to all of problems. After finding the Buddha’s teaching, we could organize the conceptual
framework to study information of learning, learning processes, true values and happiness of human
beings, public service with pure mind and network of world citizen.