Efficient and Reliable Cluster Head Selection Mechanism to broadcast collision information in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network


  • R. Shiddharthy, Dr. R. Gunavathi


Recent technology developments and researches in all aspects on information technology makes the
Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) to develop the communication terminologies for their own network to
perform effective communication. Some of the common areas of VANET considered for research such as routing,
security, message broadcasting and so on have been improved to communicate and transmit the packets in a
prominent manner. Therefore, the architecture of the VANET is remodified as per the three common scenarios
such as purely ad hoc, cellular and hybrid. As the topology of the VANET keeps changing due to node mobility,
hence the routing becomes more vital and needs an effective approach to transmit data between source and
destination node. Additionally, VANET comprises of number of routing protocols to overcome such issues and
one of the powerful and efficient clustering based multipath routing protocol named AOMDV is considered. This
paper proposed a novel scheme of electing better and most efficient cluster head among the nodes according to the
distance between cluster & members and number of hops for data transmission using the proposed AOMDV
protocol. Experimental result shows the effectiveness of the proposed scheme with the existing models based on
throughput and delivery ratio of packets (PDR).