The Enhancement of Calculative understanding with Computational Tools


  • B.Srinivasarao, Dr. B. Annapurna, Dr. K Ram Chandra, Dr. I. D. Soubache


This paper examines the usage of Computational tools in College and School Curriculum.
According to the survey conducted by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization), they found that 60% of students find difficulty in solving a mathematical problem. Mathematics
is used in almost all fields like Thermodynamics, Aerospace, Automation, Agriculture, Fuel Mechanism,
Engine Mechanism, Medicine, Designing, and Construction. These Computational tools are even used in
Nuclear and Fusion Technology. This paper analyzes the implementation of a computational tool like Matlab,
Scilab, Octave, CAS (Computer Algebra System), and Maple. This computational tool is of two-part which
helps in empowering the calculation with the help of Hardware instruction and software instruction. This paper
even states the difference between the usage of Maple and Mathematica in the curriculum. This paper even
states the usage of these tools and it impacts the student in understanding the mathematical concept. We insist
the Indian Education system implement these software tools in the curriculum to increase the efficiency of