Analyzing of Semi-Active Suspensions System of a Magnetorheological Fluid Damper for an Automobile Application under Various Excitations


  • Ahmed Yousif Enad , Mohammed Jawad Aubad, Salwan Obaid


In this paper, the dynamic analysis of passive (PSV) and semi-active (SACT) suspensions system is studied. The damper system of the suspensions system is modeled as a Magneto-Rheological fluid damper. For the sake of simplification, a quarter car model is used to describe the suspension system. The dynamic model of the quarter car model under study is derived using Newton’s Second law of motion. Dynamic hysteresis force of the Magneto-Rheological liquid dampersis expressed in this article using Bingham Model. Several simulations for the suspension system for anautomobile application have been carried out; various excitations (step, sinusoidal, sweep and random) as road profiles were applied in order to show the effect of generated force in the damper for each excitation signal. The simulation results presented showed the effectiveness of the derived model for quarter car model including M-R fluid damper.

Keywords: Semi- Active Suspensions, magnetorheological  fluid damper, MR fluid damper