Privacy Preserving Uncertain data Removal on Web Usage Mining


  • Mohammed Abdal Baqee Mahmood, Abdulwadood Sabeeh Abdulwadood, Duraid T. Salim


In now days the web information is improve quickly. The user spend more time in online for search the information. The internet log mining contains the all the user search data. The user searches the data, the recurrent domain logs area unit hold on within the internet. So to avoid this situation,we have proposed privacy preserving mining on secure web log details. We have to improve the personalized web search system. In that we have to use clustering and privacy preserving. The users are cluster based on access log of domain. The domain names are .com, .edu, .org. In privacy preserving, we have used for hybrid encryption. The particular owner wants the domain user details, need the access permission from the cloud. In internet log some fields area unit sensitive, that fields area unit hold on within the encrypted format. The hybrid cryptography contains the 2 or a lot of cryptography. it's the mixture of bilaterally symmetric and uneven cryptography. within the user weblog info area unit keep within the double cryptography format. The hybrid cryptography contains the rhombohedral key and public key. The owners, to rewrite the net log info would like the general public key and rhombohedral key.

Keywords: Web log details, Privacy Preserving,Clustering and Recommendation