HTTP and FTP Application Algorithms to Identify the Optimal Network Architecture and WLAN Protocol


  • Ali Mohd Ali, Mahmoud Dhimish, Peter Mather


This paper evaluates the performance of the HTTP Protocol and the FTP Protocol using OPNET simulation (Riverbed Modeler 17.5). In this paper, an algorithm scheme is intended to examine HTTP and FTP services of different IEEE 802.11 technologies in order to define the optimal network architecture between the Basic Service Set (BSS), the Extended Service Set (ESS) and the Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS). In addition, the proposed algorithm considers multi-criteria network access selection, such as spatial distribution and number of nodes, to enable the provision of the best overall network output and high-quality services. The Quality of Service (QoS) metrics used were delay, throughput and loss of packets. This also meets the approval threshold values for HTTP and FTP quality metrics. This algorithm was applied to various room sizes ranging from 2x3 m to 10x14 m and the number of nodes ranged from one to forty.

Keywords: HTTP, FTP, QoS, PerformanceAnalysis; IEEE technologies.