Efficiency enhancement in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell using Pt and Nano carbon as Counter Electrode


  • Majid R. Al-Bahrani, Hayder Hasan Ali, Hawraa M. Khudier, Ali Sabeeh Ali


A new type of nanoparticle based on MWCNT and NiO (NPs). The TEM confirms the compound's casing structure. Composite nanocomposite have perfect conductivity and excellent electrochemical properties. In our work this, Pt-CH and NiO/MWCNT electrodes were fabricated by using electrochemical deposition, the effect of CEs on the PCE of the DSSCs was analyzed. Properties of the Pt-CH and NiO/MWCNT as CEs were analyzed using XRD, SEM, and EIS. DSSCs with Pt-CH and NiO/MWCNT were featuring using J-V curves, PCE, and EIS measurements. The DSSC-2 show a brilliant achievement enhanced PCE of (8.53%) as compared DSSC-1 that you give (7.9%) under standard lighting (AM 1.5G, 100 mWcm-2).

Keywords: DSSCs, MWCNT, NiO, PCE ,Counter Electrode.