Topological Optimization of Medium Steel Actuator Mounting Bracket


  • Raheem Dohan Owayez


Topology optimization is a computational way to the material distribution and synthesizing structures without any preview or preconceived shape, so allowing to the input of cavities or holes in the frame. This property usually allowing weight savings or optimum structural execution such as strength or stiffness, And by that additional manufacturing processes create geometrical freedom for the manufacture and design, making an exemplary collection of these manufacturing processes with topology optimization results in order to take out more effective structures, in terms of structural and mass properties. Actuator mounting brackets are used broadly in industries and many other applications for fixturing and clamping of actuators and other this paper has been analysis and optimization of medium steel actuator mounting bracket, based to topology optimization. has been designed model of the bracket by using Solidworks and import to the ANSYS workbench then insertion loads and boundary conditions are applied as given. Finally, they have been topologically optimized to get the optimal shape is determined and optimum material distribution.

Keywords: Topology optimization, Weight reduction, Mounting Bracket, Medium Steel, finite element modelling. Solidworks