Evaluation of Coastal Scenery in Urban Areas: An Arrangement of Ecosystem Areas in Semarang


  • Agus Indarjo


Semarang, as a coastal capital in Central Java, is recognized as an attractive tourist area. Lack of adequate planning results in inappropriate land occupations, threatening the integrity of the coastal and marine environment. An introduction to the characteristics of the adjacent ocean and coastal zones is essential for proper urban planning. This study evaluates the views of the Semarang municipal beach, which is located on the north coast, which receives a large number of visitors for a full year and is not a favorite location. This methodology uses fuzzy logic to estimate weights for nine parameters (5 relative to physical parameters - P - and four related to chemical parameters - C) and SPSS 16 analysis for correlation analysis for providing solutions related to the effects of mangrove abrasion, maintaining sea breeze, making beautiful environment, making tourist areas and increasing salt and pond production. Determination of the location of the study applied checklist, and the coastline is divided into 4 locations, namely Maron Beach, Tiring Beach, Marina Beach, and Baruna Beach. The assessment of distributed locations is between classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Baruna Beach stands out from the rest, being the only one classified as class 5. In addition to the Baruna beach, it is classified as class 4. The result is a lousy beach management zone with a lot of rubbish found on several beaches; tourist support facilities are located with wastewater disposal. Most have physical parameters for coastal zone managers or nothing to reduce beautiful impacts, so emphasis must be given to assessing how to improve different settings, among which special attention should be paid to proper coastal management.

Keywords: Coastal management, Coastal views. Landscape quality