Developing A Physical Education Learning Model for Volley ballin Primary Schools


  • Ahmad Syarif, Tomoliyus, Yustinus Sukarmin


This study aims to develop an educational and effective volleyball learning model for developing elementary school students' growth and development. Research uses a research and development approach from Borg and Gall. The research was carried out in three stages: model development, model trials, and operational tests and model dissemination. The first phase of research to develop models is carried out through activities: determining the design of the model to be prepared, reviewing aspects of learning, characteristics of learners, and elements of motion learning, and validating the draft learning model. Data was collected through a Focus Group Discussion, while the data analysis was done in a descriptive qualitative manner. The result of the activity was the design of volleyball learning model design that was validated by experts and practitioners.

 Keywords:learning model, volley ball, elementary school