Digital Marketing to Build Customer Experience of Hakko Kombucha

  • Herlina, Lien, Achsani, Noer Azam, Barus, Andre Eka Hizkia, Dewi, Febriantina, Fadillah, Achmad, Shalihati, Fitriyyah


The increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle encourages consumers to shift functional food and beverage. Digital marketing has the power to increase the penetration of Hakko Kombucha and its benefits to consumers. Therefore, Hakko Kombucha will be able to grab advantages within the digital economy ecosystem and Kombucha trend in Indonesia. This study aims to (1) analyze the digital marketing that Hakko Kombucha has done to build customer experience, (2) map customer path and experience to find areas for improvement, and (3) measure customer effort score (CES) of Hakko Kombucha. The methods used in this study are customer path 5A and CES (Customer Effort Score) metrics methods. The results of this study are insights into Hakko Kombucha’s current digital marketing on social media and marketplace, areas of improvement in nearly the whole of the customer path. In the pre-purchase stage, 60% of respondents admit that digital marketing Hakko makes them aware of the existence of Hakko Kombucha, either passively or actively looking for organic products and 76% of respondents agree that Hakko Kombucha complements the needs and goals of a healthy lifestyle. Digital marketing in the form of visual content on social media must be interesting to encourage consumers to find out about Hakko Kombucha.