The Importance and Impact of Tourism on the Economic Side and Environment


  • Jawdat Jaafar Khatab, Dlshad Ahmed sharif, Ezat Sabir Esmaeel, Bestoon Othman


Today tourism is viewed as one of the largest and dynamically developing sectors of external economic activities in the world. The development of tourism sector is associated with considerable volumes of foreign currency inflows, new employment opportunities, infrastructure development, and new management experiences.  All of these together positively contribute to the social and economic development of the countries. Beside these there are also other effects of tourism which will be considered in this paper. Highlighting the tourism sector as one that contributes to financing the national economy in foreign currency. Highlighting the state’s efforts by following a set of programs and policies, and is there encouragement for the advancement of this sector through local and foreign investment. The importance of research is the tourism sector in that it is an important resource for the treasury and has an effective role in achieving sustainable development by contributing to the realization of a surplus in the currency and its creation of employment opportunities. In addition, the importance of research lies in showing the tourism capabilities that it has and showing the extent of its affiliation with this sector.

 Keyword: Tourism, economic side, environmen