Empowerment and its relationship with time management: A case study in a real estate company located in Lima, Peru

  • Myrian Mabel Minchán-Martínez , Víctor Hugo Fernández-Bedoya


Research that sought to determine the relationship between empowerment and time management, analyzing as a case study a company dedicated to the real estate business based in Lima, Peru. Questionnaires wela re constructed that measured the explored variables, whose results of confirmatory factor analysis, validity and reliability were good. The sample consisted of 79 workers from the company in which the study was conducted. The results of normality determined that the data obtained presented a non-normal distribution, so it was convenient to carry out Spearman's rho statistical test in order to validate the hypotheses.The results determined that empowerment is positively related to time management (p. = 0.000; r = 0.739), to task prioritization (p. = 0.000; r = 0.645), to task delegation (p. = 0.000; r = 0.422), and to task scheduling (p. = 0.000; r = 0.478).