Role of Motivational drives in developing Attitude towards Entrepreneurship Intention among Post Graduate Management Students.

  • P.Jayaraman, Praseeda


Entrepreneurship is worldwide phenomena impacting economic development of nations.
Entrepreneurship stimulates growth, creates innovation and provides employment opportunities to
masses. But still only a very miniscule percentage of the younger generation is inclined towards
entrepreneurship as a career possibility. In today’s context there is lot of encouragements from
government to promote entrepreneurship among the population. At this juncture it becomes pertinent to
study the intention of the students towards entrepreneurship which will help in curriculum development
for academicians and policy formulations for administrators. The present study aims at finding out the
entrepreneurial intention among post graduate business administration students in Chennai City. This
study is based on the Ajzen’s Theory of Reasoned Action ( TRA) and McClelland’s motivational drives
theory. As per the hypothecated model intention towards entrepreneurship is influenced by attitude
towards entrepreneurship and societal subjective norms about entrepreneurship which in turn are
influenced by “need for achievement, need for power and need for affiliation” (McClelland, D. C. 1985.
This study aims to understand how entrepreneurial intention is formed among post graduate students of
business administration in India.