Overview of Talent Management Practices – A Review of Literature

  • Dr.K.Karpagam, S.Sumithra


Talent management is the systematic and comprehensive approach to Human Resource as
well as business planning. It is a new path to organisational benefit.It enhances the execution and
capability of talented people who can significantly differentiate between organisation presently and
subsequently. This literature Review is mainly focused on the Talent Management Practices
followed all over the world. This study tries to find out the best practices among the various
organisations.25 papers were selected for the study. The study found that the research on Talent
Management Practices has focused on the following components: Natural talent, attracting and
retaining employees, maintenance and usage of talent. The concept which emerged in service sector
is now used in manufacturing sector also. Work-life balance and career development have gained
more significance than ever before. The employers have started realizing the need for protecting the
capabilities of the current workforce, anticipating and managing the global impacts. It is now
accepted that Talent Management is possible with a systematic view that leads to dynamic
interaction between various functions and processes.