A survey on Silent Sound Technology Using Electromyography and Image Processing

  • K. R. Swetha


 We have a technology called silent sound technology which is quite interesting as one can talk to other person without actually uttering a word from one’s lips. Noise pollution is one of the major problems in malls, theatre’s and some public places etc. This noise pollution can be reduced using this new technology. The silent sound technology first came out from “Karlsruhe Institute of Technology”. This technology observes every lip movement of a person and then converts that muscle movements i.e., electrical pulse into the signals of sound and sends to the person on other end clearly without any disturbances that was there at the sender’s side. This technology helps to the people who have lost their voices but wants to talk on a mobile phone and for those who are in a crowd places but want to communicate on a phone. And the important thing is electrical pulse is universal hence it enables to communicate to any person across the world.