Influence of Cd2+ Ions on Pure L-Threonine Manganese Acetate Single Crystal

  • N. Imthiyas Ahamed, D. Benny Anburaj, G. Nedunchezhian


The Novel Single crystals of Pure L-Threonine Manganese Acetate (LTMA) and Cadmium (Cd2+) doped LTMA have been grown at 300C by the slow evaporation method. The grown crystals were subjected to various characterizations studies such as Single Crystal XRD, Powder XRD, FTIR, UV–Vis, EDAX and Micro hardness Studies. The lattice parameters of the grown crystals were determined as the Volume of Pure LTMA is 5300A3by single crystal X-ray analysis. Cd2+ doped LTMA has increases Volume as 5400A3. EDAX analysis confirms the presence of Cd2+ ion in the host material. The functional groups were identified from FTIR analysis. Optical behaviors of the grown crystals were determined by UV-Vis absorption spectrum analysis, it determines the energy band gap for Pure LTMA is 4.3 eV and for Cd2+ doped LTMA is 6.3 eV and UV transmittance spectrum analysis determine the lower cutoff wavelength of the pure LTMA and Cd2+ doped LTMA become 267nm & 200m, as respectively. The Mechanical properties of the crystals studied by Vicker’s hardness analysis and hardness values also reported.