Value People First: How Governor Papua Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic?


  • Nuphanudin, Muhammad Zainal Rifie, Dudung Abdurachman, Ayu Alnadira Akib, Rahayu Irjayanti


The purpose of this study is to determine and describe the role of the Papua Governor in the response to COVID-19 in Papua Province. This research is a type of qualitative research using descriptive methods and inductive approaches. Data sources use secondary data sources. Data collection techniques are done through documentation. Data analysis techniques were obtained through data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. The results showed that the role of the Governor of Papua in overcoming COVID-19 in Papua Province, in general, showed positive results seen from 4 (four) dimensions, hence: firstly, giving direction to the socialization process which was considered good because it had been conveyed through the Corona task force and book distribution Pocket to the community; secondly, inheritance of traditions, beliefs, values, norms and knowledge where Papuan people return to traditional lifestyles and limit the customs of tradition to gather in some areas; and thirdly, can unite groups or communities where Papuans return to traditional lifestyles they are in groups, and the fourth activates the system of control and control, so as to preserve the lives of the people where the decision taken by the Governor of Papua is quite right by carrying out restrictions immediately after the Corona pandemic.

Keywords: COVID-19, Sense of Crisis, Physical Distancing, Stay at Home Orders.