A Study on Evolving Technologies for Covid-19 contact Tracking

  • K. Kranthi Kumar, E. Ramaraj, P. Geetha, B. Srikanth


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an irresistible sickness brought about by a new-born coronavirus. The vast majoritycontaminated with the COVID-19 infection will encounter full to direct respirational illness and recuperate without requiring extraordinary treatment. More established individuals, and those with fundamental clinical issues like cardiovascular infection, diabetes, continual respiratory sickness, and malignancy are boundto create genuine ailment. This pandemic disease influenced the economy of many countries in the world, no doubt about it many countries are in great danger and at the same time many countries are showing interest on Lock-Down but it can create lot of problems like unemployement,Food Scarcity, Mental depression and Fear about future and  moreover the world is facing many medical challenges to invent and introduce vaccine to get recovered from this harmful virus. Internet of Things (IoT) is a global technology making worldas smart but we have an idea whether technology can possibly helpful to assist the detection of Coronavirus meanwhile there are so many emerging technologies that are present in the world,in this paper we present some technological devices to identify virus presence and to take some actions.