Local Community Involvement in the Tourism Development of Borobudur Temple


  • Ely Triasih Rahayu, Hartati, Anggita Stovia, Bagus Reza Hariyadi, Roch Widjatini


Local community participation in Borobudur Village of Magelang Regency in the development of tourist attraction Borobudur Temple is a process in which the community serves to be the stakeholder in planning, implementation, sharing benefit, and evaluation of tourism development. From the data of 100 respondents, the community’s mean planning and evaluation participations rate in the tourism development is still low with a percentage of 33.45%. Only the sharing benefit participation in Borobudur tourism development is classified into good category with a percentage of 61%. Local community’s low mastery of foreign language proves that they are not ready yet to welcome and serve foreign tourists professionally. Some of local people complain about local government’s lack of concern about their hardship in earning a living without government’s fund aid and trade permit, not to mention private sector competitors from other areas. From human resource perspective, many local people are only high school graduates, so that they still lack of concept and foreign language mastery. Such exiting condition shows that local community still needs tourism and entrepreneurial training programs as well as local government’s support to determine their tourism development strategy as an effort for the people around Borobudur temple to prosper.

Keywords: Borobudur, Magelang, Community Involvement, Local Business.