Diversity of Woody Plant Species in the West Papua Momiwaren Protection Forest


  • Rima H. S Siburian, Rusdi Angrianto


Momiwaren protected forest which is located in the Ransiki watershed is one of the buffer zones of community life in South Manokwari Regency. In line with regional growth and expansion, several areas around protected forests have been opened for infrastructure expansion and district development. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct research on the diversity of woody species in the Momiwaren protected forest as important information in future management of this area. The inventory method used in this study is the Sampling line plot. The results showed that from 35 observation plots, 112 types of tree vegetation were found consisting of 48 species of tree level, 52 types of pole level, 66 types of sapling levels and 87 types of seedlings. IVI values ??for dominant species at each level are different, both in understory and up-to-storage. The number of species from each family found is also different for each level. The value of species diversity at this location is high where all species are spread evenly so that the species dominance value at this location is low. At this location several species were included in the conservation list and one of them was included in the endanger species list.

Keywords: Diversity of woody plant, Momiwaren, Protection forest, West Papua.