Utilization of Assertive Speech Act in Indonesian TV Talk Show as the Oral Discussion Text Learning Media


  • Tressyalina, Ena Noveria, Ermawati Arief, Selly Farazia, Nindy Leona


This research was conducted to see how the benefits of speech act used in speech titles on Indonesian television for learning Indonesian text in New Normal Era, especially its use as a medium for oral discussion text learning. The purpose of this study is also related to the development of more innovative learning media by utilizing electronic television media in the form of speech titles. The results of this study can then be used by teachers as information and experiments on the use of speech acts as a medium in the teaching and learning process that will be carried out in schools. Besides, this research is also useful for future researchers who will raise related themes as one of the references.The research method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive method. The approach used in this study is the pragmatic approach, which is the focus of this research is the language used in communication. Data collection is done by listening and note-taking techniques. Data sources in this study came from speech acts of the speaker in the TV talk show in Indonesia.The results showed that there were three forms of assertive speech acts that could be used as learning media for discussion texts, namely 1) assertive speech acts explained, 2) assertive speech acts supported, and 3) assertive speech acts refused.The results of the study can be applied to the learning of discussion texts of Indonesian subjects in Indonesian.The renewal of this study compared to similar research conducted previously is the implication of the speech acts on the learning of discussion texts. Previous research discusses the use of speech acts for learning Indonesian in general, and specific uses have not yet been found in the discussion text.

Keywords:Speech Act, Assertive Speech Act, Talkshow, Oral Discussion TextLearning Media.