Design and development of a KETO Diet Android Application


  • Samar M. Alkhuraiji


This paper presents the design and development of an Android application to manage the keto diet for users wherever they are within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.This application will provide a set of services to be applied in daily life as a service to discover products available within stores and malls in Saudi Arabia, whether it is Keto or not through a barcode reader, in addition to a daily follow-up to the diet, in addition to a servicethat will provide advice on products compatible with theKeto and suitable for the user's taste.Thus, the application will provide the most important types of weight diets and thus will help to reduce the phenomenon of obesity that is abundant in the Kingdom and abroad.The resulting database can later be used to ensure the importance of Keto in preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and others.

Keywords:Keto diet, Android application.