A Novel Approach to Charge Electric Vehicles in a Residential Community with rooftop PV Prosumers : A Stackelberg Game Approach

  • Naga Devi Chinna Thambi, Kamaraj Nagappan


This paper focuses on a methodology to charge electric vehicles in a residential community which includes prosumers with PV systems installed in their rooftops, Central controller[CC] and the maingrid using game theoretical approach. Due to the intermittent nature and limited generation of renewable energy from prosumers it is a big challenge to  allocate this energy to charge the EVs within the residential community. First the CC receives request from the EV users . Secondly a Non-Cooperative Stackelberg Game is formulated between the prosumer , CC and the main grid such that all the entities are benefited. The optimal energy trading with each other and main power grid, is obtained at the Stackelberg equilibrium (SE).The prosumer choose their best strategy in response to the action chosen by the CC.    Finally this limited resource obtained from prosumers is allocated fairly to the EV users  based on weighted min-max energy allocation algorithm by CC. A suitable billing mechanism has been proposed for the prosumers. By utilizing the real time data collected from a community the effectiveness of the proposed scheme is studied.