A Parametric Study and Field Data Analysis of a Wind Farm

  • Joselin Herbert G.M. , Selvan Nambi S , Devarenjan J.


The careful utilization of wind energy is pertinent for any country to conserve energy and energy development. An analysis of wind farm is essentially required for the identification and selection of suitable wind farm locations. The purpose of the study is to measure the performance of wind farm using field data because of increase in yearly additional capacity of wind energy installation, wind farm owners need scientific analysis and are facing maintenance problem and revenue loss. In this paper the parametric study is conducted to determine the various factors affecting the productivity of wind farm which can be improved in due course of time to eliminate losses and to achieve optimum performance. It also presents the performance of 16.50 MW capacity wind farm located at Aralvoimozhi area. The result shows the annual average capacity factor as 28.22% and also shows the major stoppage time was due to maintenance of wind farm. It reveals that this wind farm needs an advanced and timely maintenance. The status of wind farms gives encouragement for better maintenance of the wind farms in India as well as in other parts of the world.