Comparison between Lightweight Concrete and Lightweight Self-Compacting Concrete in Terms of Workability and Hardened Properties


  • Athraa S. Nehhaba, Ali H. Nahhab


The investigation was conducted to explore some of the mechanical  charateristics of two types of special concretes namely lightweight self-compacting concrete and vibrated concrete mixtures having expanded clay aggregate (LECA) by using  two type of cement, Portland Limestone cement (PLC), and sulfate resisting Portland cement(SRPC). Various testing methods were conducted to assess the workability and the hardened characteristics of both types of concretes. The slump flow for LWSCC mixes was kept at (660- 750) mm and at (25-50) mm for LWC. The results illustrated that the fresh density of LWSCC and LWC with Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) was 1933 and 1801 kg/m3, respectively. The results also demonstrated that the static elasticity modulus, tensile strength and compressive strength of LWSCC were slightly higher of LWC and the PLC mixes showed slightly lower properties of concrete compared to SRPC mixes at all ages of test. The change in length for LWSCC and LWC was considered acceptable.

Keywords Lightweight aggregate(LECA), Portland Limestone cement(PLC) , Sulfate resistance Portland cement (SRPC), Splitting tensile strength, Self-Compacting Concrete, swelling.