Performance Analysis of IoT based Health Monitoring System using Latte panda Single Board Computer


  • Hassan HadiShanoer, Hussain Salah Hassan, Laith A. Abdul-Rahaim


Last decade, the healthcare monitoring system become more attractive since it is sent to smart phone / PC of doctor/physician via IoT technique. However, the single board computer plays a big role in the system since it stores the medical data, connects the sensors with router, and collects all sensors. The Lattepanda single board has many specifications and it is cheaper, faster, and bigger storage size. In this paper, a full IoT-healthcare monitoring systemis designed. It contains many sensors to detect many diseases including to COVID-19. The results reveal that the Lattepanda can collect many sensors, the software application keeps the medical data for every patient since the proposed system is tried for four different patients in age and disease. In addition, the sensors are heartbeat, oxygen in blood (SPO2), body temperature, ECG, EMG, pressure in blood, and glucose in blood.