Shear Capacity of Lightweight Reinforced Beams of Content Treated Attapulgite


  • Aseel Qaddoori M., Wissam K. Alsaraj, Luma A. Zghair


This paper aims to used Attapulgite rocks as lightweight aggregate .the work include casting five mixture and nine rectangular concrete beams. Several parameters, such as steel fibers, shear reinforcement ratio, silica fume content ,and shear span to effective depth ratio was chosen to study the mechanical of properties hardening concrete and also to study the diagonal cracking load, deflection values, crack width, failure mode and crack
pattern. The result shown that, there was a good improvement in mechanical properties, an increase in compression strength and modulus of rapture comparable with the reference values by using 20% of silica powder and 1% of the steel fiber respectively Significant development with ultimate loads of reinforced lightweight concrete beam using silica fume and fiber fibers was obtained and the equivalent to the effect of increased shear reinforcement was increased.
Keywords: Concrete; Cement ; Aggregate ; Attapulgite; Silica fume ; Steel fiber ; LWAC; a/d ;First crack ;Ultimate crack.