Coastal Tourism Development Model Based on Green Marketing

  • Afriyeni Afriyeni, Yunia Wardi, Hasdi Aimon


Beach tourism is one of the main trends in the global tourism market and was indicated in a fast-growing industry. Important factors have visualized the level of satisfaction that affects the return visit of tourists. The concept of green marketing in this context is not widely known. Tourists' awareness is increasing about environmental issues and the importance of environmental protection. This research was conducted to see the relationship between tourist attitudes, the role of government, and the role of society with green marketing and tourist satisfaction as a mediation for tourists' revisit intention. Respondents in this study were 280 domestic and foreign tourists. This study uses a structural equation model. The results showed that green marketing directly had a significant impact on tourist satisfaction and tourist satisfaction had a significant impact on tourists' revisit intention. Tourist satisfaction as a mediator between green marketing and tourists' revisit intention also has a significant impact.

Keywords: Beach Tourism; Green Marketing; Tourist Satisfaction; Revisit Intention.