Monitoring And Measuring The Level Of Water Objects Bythe Ultrasonic Method

  • Abdullayeva Dilbar Amanbayevna , Bozorov Elmurod Ostanovich , Okhunboboyeva Charos Zukhriddin kizi , Abduganiyev Aziz Abduvokhid ugli , Azizova Nigora Shavkatovna


This article discusses ultrasonic sensors for level monitoring and measurement,
with unified 4 ... 20 mA output current signals, with two-wire digital industrial
communication interfaces such as HART, PROFIBUSSPA and Foundation Fieldbus. [1.10]
The most widely used ultrasonic sensors of the LUC4 and LUC-T series and methods for
installing and connecting ultrasonic sensors of the LUC-T series are presented. The principle
of the implementation of the ultrasonic method for determining the water level is also
presented here. This measurement method guarantees reliable operation of ultrasonic sensors
in various conditions. [2.5.11]
The advantages and disadvantages of the ultrasonic measurement method are shown. To
implement the method, it does not impose high requirements on the wear resistance and
strength of the equipment and is independent of the density of the controlled medium. [3.12]
The sensor has a built-in compensation system from the influence of temperature fluctuations
on the measurement result. [4.13] Sensors of the LUC4, LUC-T series are specially designed
and operate on a non-contact measurement method and measure the level of water and
various liquids. [5.20]