A new computer traffic detection algorithm is applied


  • Pengcheng Zhang


The sharing and use of distributed database based on Internet network has been an important part
of modern data transmission and application. It is necessary to adopt appropriate methods to access and
analyze the information flow in the distributed network database. In order to better realize the traffic
collection and harvest of distributed network database, prototype system based on network traffic was
design using network traffic matrix algorithm. The SNMP and NetFlow traffic matrix algorithms were used
for its optimization, and the process of collecting and analyzing network information flow was designed. In
order to verify the reliability and feasibility of the system scheme for distributed network database
information flow, a number of campus networks between the campus database flow were selected for
analysis, including real-time traffic monitoring, OD stream link sequence diagram within a week, the
elephant flow and anomaly analysis of network traffic. The simulation results show that the design can meet
the functional requirements.