The Impact Of Advertisement On Consumer Behaviour With Special Reference To Itc Aashirvaad Atta In Trivandrum City

  • Neethu Jose , Dr.F .J Peter Kumar , Dr.Cris Abraham Kochukalam


In today’s highly competitive, dynamic and technology driven business
circumstances, marketers are under steady pressure to deliver the best. Organizations are
continuously improving and upgrading themselves to meet customer expectations and
demands. Technology has not only changed the way in which business is done in modern
times but has also transformed the way to reach out to target audience. Marketers have
identified most recent media options to communicate and convince potential customers.
Numerous scholars have studied the research domain of advertising and have tried to
recognize different measures of advertisement effectiveness in context of various media.
In such an aggressive business situation, advertising plays an important role in
communicating with customers, both current and potential. With the advent of new
technology and development of various modern media, advertisers have discovered several
innovative promotional options to lure target audience. The rapid proliferation of internet,
cell phones, movies and video games has convinced marketing personnel to consider these as
emerging media alternatives. This paper is an attempt to find the effectiveness of advertising
and the role of various variables in affecting advertisement effectiveness.