Research on diversified teaching mode of College English in the information technology era


  • Jingxiu Shi* , Zhongkun Hou


With the research of the characteristics and relationship between autonomous learning and online
learning, this paper study the feasibility and necessity of cultivating students' autonomous learning ability in
the era of information technology, as well as some existing problems. Taking constructivism learning theory
and interactive teaching concept as the theoretical multiple dynamic evaluation system and network teaching
resource library as the main part, this paper explains the relationship between the multi interactive teaching
mode in the era of information technology and the improvement of ESP teaching effect, because language
teaching itself is a multi-factor interaction process. In the teaching process, it is impossible to control all
kinds of complicated factors completely or simulate the environment of the laboratory to complete the whole
teaching process. It is also hard to elaborate the relationship between language teaching process and results
with concrete and clear causality. The research in action research focuses on action. Teachers or educators
work with research attitude and method, and then put forward improvement measures and research in
practice. The practice process of College English multi-dimensional interactive teaching mode is a dynamic
coordination and benign interaction process of learners, teachers, teaching tasks, teaching environment and
teaching policies. The interaction between teaching factors is the core feature of College English multidimensional interactive teaching mode.