Research on Teaching Mode of Music Vocal Music Based on Computer Platform


  • Minjun Ci


At present, vocal music is gradually developing in the direction of refinement, which is more and
more closely related to other disciplines, and the knowledge involved in it is also increasing. The application
of computer provides great convenience for vocal music teaching, and has become a hot spot in the research
and development of music teaching. With the advent of digital media era, digital music teaching methods are
widely used in vocal music teaching. The traditional vocal music teaching mode pays attention to oral
teaching. In fact, this kind of teaching method which focuses on sensibility is more abstract, which makes
many students at a loss in the process of vocal music learning. Reasonable use of computer technology in
vocal music teaching can integrate text, sound, animation and influence into one, and make abstract vocal
music knowledge concrete, so as to help students understand and master it. Under the premise that vocal
music teachers have mastered the relevant knowledge and skills of computer music platform, the application
prospect of computer music platform in vocal music teaching is very broad.