Strategic Phasor Measurement Unit Placement For Smart Grids

  • Naveen Palanichamy, Goh Vik Tor, Jayanthi Nishanth


 The Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), an essential component of Wide Area Monitoring, Security, and Control (WAMPAC), plays a vital role in the operation of smart grids by measuring the key electrical parameters. However, economic and computational constraints on the deployment of PMUs at all locations will be impractical and uneconomical for full detectability with an increase in the number of buses. The placement of optimum phasor measuring units constitutes the technique to reduce the number of required PMUs While the observability of the entire power system is verified simultaneously. The presently available approaches require a large amount of data to be used and manipulated in real-time. Hence, this paper suggests a cloud-based optimal PMU placement strategy for the cost-effective placement of Phasor Measurement Units in Smart Grid for complete observability and maintainability. The simulation results of IEEE 14 and 24 bus systems show the efficacy of the proposed algorithm for PMU placements.

Keywords- Smart Grid, Phasor Measurement Unit, Invasive Weed Optimization, Cloud Computing.