Analysis of computer data processing and pattern construction in the Internet age


  • Cong Li


With the development and progress of the times, computer network technology has developed
rapidly and has a profound impact on people's lives. Because the traditional computer data management
mode has been out of touch with the development of the times, how to do a good job in data processing and
management from the perspective of the Internet has become a problem worthy of attention. In this trend,
the computer also ushered in its own way, it is based on modern information technology, with digital
technology, with a highly orderly and effective integrated archives resources as the processing center, with
the network for technical facilities for the super-sized specifications of distributed digital cultural
information system management. Apache Flink data processing is a new data processing and computing
model in recent years, which is developed and applied to solve the problems in traditional computing
models. The emergence of this model is very important to promote the development of computer network
technology, and many types of computer data processing service models have been developed. Based on the
concept of big data, the characteristics of computer data processing and key technologies, this study focuses
on the application of Apache Flink different modes in computers, summarizes the application and practice of
big data computer processing modes, and aims to provide suggestions for relevant research and practice.