Study Of Emotional Analysis About Pandemic Situation During Covid Era Editorial And Social Media

  • Jolly Masih, Rajkumar Rajsekaran, K. Govinda, Neha Saini, Mohit Sharma


 Present study is one of its first kind enlightens the importance of social media surveillance for tracking the public sentiments to encapsulate in government advisory and other policy amendments. Quantitative behavioral data from all round the globe were collected and analyzed using Talkwalker software from last week of April, 2020. Mainly, social and editorial media was used for study purpose. Findings revealed interesting buzzing around COVID 19 as most popular hashtag on internet with millions of conversations. Further, study also analyzed demographic assessment of social media related to COVID 19 and mostly people were anxious to know about the current scorecard of cases generated through pandemic. Additionally, government interventions from time to time and vaccine for virus were central themes for social media sensations. Findings of this study can help for suitable advisory and timely interventions to co-up the mental retardation of people during this pandemic.