An Improved Multi-Cloud Storage Model Based On Crypto Dynamic Techniques For Securing Data Transmission


  • Raghda Abdulbaqi Mugher, nafea ali majeed alhammadi, Fayez kamal Alzaghal


Protecting Information in the cloud is usually done using standard encryption, which creates internal issues such as brute-force attacks and key management. In this paper, a multi-cloud storage model based on Crypto Dynamic Technologies (MCS-CDT) is improved to secure data transfer. It breaks big data into small pieces and spreads them across several cloud locations. RC6 and MD5 algorithms are used to ensure the safety and integrity of this work. The proposed method has two steps: loading and unloading steps. The loading phase consists of four processes: cutting, coding, integration, and distribution. The download phase performs retrieval, integration, validation, and decryption operations. Besides, the MD5 algorithm is used to validate big data after recovery from the cloud. Experimental results show that the proposed design can reconstruct large distributed data with good speed while maintaining safety and integrity features.