Modeling and Simulation of Basketball Players' Overtraining on Elbow and Knee Joint Injury


  • Haitao Xue


Basketball is a highly antagonistic sport, and its technical characteristics easily lead to injuries to
athletes' elbows and knees. Under the condition of different training conditions and time, the elbow and knee
joints of basketball players are affected by the complex intensity of training, which makes a lot of
constraints on training time and joint injury factors. In most cases, the elbow and knee joints of basketball
players are in an unstable state. If the exercise and protection of elbow and knee joints cannot be
strengthened, the elbow and knee joint injuries are inevitable in basketball, resulting in acute and chronic
injuries. This paper puts forward a modeling method of elbow and knee joint injury caused by basketball
players' overtraining. By analyzing the characteristics of basketball training and competition, the relationship
between basketball and knee joint injury is obtained, and the prevention and treatment measures of knee
joint injury are put forward.