Under the New Situation, School Physical Education and The Improvement of Students' Core Quality


  • Zhaoxiang Zhang


The development of school physical education, as an important part of quality education, plays an
irreplaceable role in enhancing students' physical and mental health. Physical education provides the
foundation for the comprehensive development of students, promotes the improvement of their core literacy,
enables students to have good learning quality and moral character in the period of receiving education to
adapt to the development of society, and further contributes to national construction and national
rejuvenation. Therefore, there is a close relationship between the development of quality education and the
cultivation of students' core literacy ability. The physical education work in schools provides basic
conditions for the enhancement of students' physique and the development of comprehensive quality, and to
some extent improves students' core literacy. Through the in-depth study of the relationship between school
physical education and students' core quality, it makes contributions to the reform and innovation of national
basic quality education and the comprehensive development of students.