Perfection of The Constituent Factors of The Modern Higher Vocational College Education Management Mechanism


  • Xuechun Liu , Qiao Li


With the rapid development of education in China, higher vocational education has gradually
formed a more complete education system, and the educational management mechanism is the driving force
to promote the development of higher vocational education, so it has become a problem that professional
educators must study seriously. This paper expounds the main body, the object, goal and method of
education management respectively, which are the four constituent factors of educational management
mechanism in higher vocational colleges. Then, the relationship between subject and object, that among
subject, object and management method, as well as that among subject, object, management method and
goal are summarized. The four elements are supplemented according to the current environment in this
paper which puts forward the idea of perfecting the relationship between the four factors of the educational
management mechanism in higher vocational colleges.