Study on the Way of Innovative Development of Economic Management Mode of Listed Company against Background of Digital Market


  • Wangli Zhu, Meixia Shi


Due to the rapid development of social economy and the aggravation of market competition
under the background of digital market, the traditional economic management mode has been gradually
eliminated. Therefore, the way of innovative development of economic management mode of listed
company against the background of digital market was put forward. The path mainly included innovation
of economic management concepts, system innovation, structural innovation, enhancement of innovation
consciousness and optimization of market information sensitivity. The enhancement of innovation
consciousness was mainly divided into innovation consciousness of leadership and innovation
consciousness of staff member. The optimization of market information sensitivity was mainly divided into
analysis of market rules and determination of scientific strategic development direction. Under this path,
the competitiveness evaluation model based on AHP-Delphi was used to evaluate the competitiveness of
listed company. Experimental results prove that the competitiveness of listed company can be effectively
improved under the development path of economic management mode innovated by the proposed method.